This campaign is a chronicle of the adventurous life of a young oracle named James and his close friends, Ali, Raida, and Sky. After James began seeing visions from the god Erastil, he began a life of adventure into which these friends of his were pulled along with him.

So far their quest as led them from Woods Heart to the The Moree Lands, the city of Ætzer, The Crossroads, The Plane of Shadow, the town of Water’s Edge, and The Isle of the Chosen on their quest to defeat the evil cult of Von-Kuthal. They have fought werewolves, gnolls, cultists, yaun-ti, ettins, underworld enforcers, assassins, witches, dragons, and shades. They now prepare to journey into a dangerous jungle on the secluded, cult-controlled island where the heads of this mysterious and evil organization reside.

The Holy War of... Heaven?

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